Best e mail marketing companies in 2022


Hi dear loving friends in this post, I’m going to compare some of the best free
e mail marketing companies that you can use to build your email subscriber base. But more specifically the free plans that some of the most popular email marketing services offer and those are Mail Chimp, Mailer Lite, Send in blue and Convert Kit. I’ll be discussing over in this review post.

Number one e mail marketing companies Mail Chimp

If you are a digital marketer and you want to know the best e mail marketing companies, you will learn from this post. The first email platform that I want to go through is the most well-known and that is MailChimp. We’re going to go again through the free option the free plan that each and one of these platforms offer. So looking at the pricing table, we’ve got free alright. So here we’ve got context. This is the number of contacts or subscribers that you can keep in your MailChimp account for this per account and its 2k subscribers for contacts in this case that you can store into your MailChimp account. And how we’re going to compare each and one of these in terms of pricing is going to be based on 10K subscribers.

So going to meet him, we are going to choose the standard plan to calculate your pricing. If we go here, it’s going to give you a rough guide or the specific guide as to how much is going to cost now for the standard plan. It starts at $99 a month so take note of that for the essentials. Obviously, there are fewer features if you do go with the essentials plan. It’s going to come down to 74 dollars 99 all right. So it’s between anywhere from seventy-four ninety-nine. All the way up to two hundred and ninety-nine dollars per month for its free premium plan. So in terms of these sign-up processes, it’s quite straightforward. There are no approvals required at all. When you search best e mail marketing companies, you find mail chimp

e mail marketing companies

Number two e mail marketing companies convertkit

Convertkit is also a popular email marketing company. If you search best e mail marketing companies, You will see it after Mailchimp. And you can see exactly where subscribers are clicking and which buttons they are actually clicking specifically. Moving on let’s take a look at convertkit. Convertkit is widely used by creators bloggers and podcasters themselves. So it is more targeted towards the individual entrepreneur or author or speaker as opposed to commercial businesses or enterprises. So they do have that heavily focused solopreneur sort of target market. In terms of its a free option, you are able to use their features and their benefits for unlimited landing pages and you can manage up to 500 subscribers. So if you look back at MailChimp, they offered 2,000 contacts where convertkit only allows up to 500 subscribers but that itself is still good for a free option anyway. Now if you do want to consider their plan up to 10,000 subscribers. Let’s go and it’s going to cost you 119 dollars per month. So a little on the pricier end but what I find is the newer sort of platforms.

After actually going planning up this post, you can see there are landing pages and forms you can create subscribers tab broadcast automation sequences and you can learn more here. But you can see the ones that are grayed out. These are the features that are not part of the free option. Now in terms of the caveats of the free plan of convertkit automation and sequences are disabled. So if you do want to create things like if-then rules like. If someone clear clicks on a specific link in your email that triggers some other action. Then you can’t do those types of things. That’s what automation is now with sequences that are another name for autoresponder sequences. If you do plan on creating a set of emails on a predetermined time date then you also can’t do that. We can send out broadcast emails just like all the other platforms. You do need to have that powered by the link at the bottom of every email. You send out and in addition the opt-in forms that convertkit provides. Now in terms of the ease of years of convertkit, it’s a very simple very easy clean design which is what I love about it.

You can see there are not many things around. If we go and click landing pages which is the next feature. I will also want to show it very easy to understand. You’ve got a list of landing pages and forms here to create new ones. Everything stands out. There’s nothing that is not you know that doesn’t need to be there. So let’s mix. So the next thing is landing pages. So you can create new landing pages here all forms with the free plan, you’re not restricted with how many landing pages. You can create and which out of their library that you can use. So you can choose all of their templates that are also provided in their paid plans. So let’s say I want this one here the archer template. We can choose that or preview it and just like all the other platforms, we run through the steps here drag and drop really just like that. It’s all integrated into one system all right.

You can’t do a feel it marketing or you can’t use a feel it links. So I think they just base is based on engagement and whether you’re getting too many unsubscribes or a lot of people are complaining about your emails that are sent out. So I think they base it on that and it is manually you know monitored. So if you are considering, you know email marketing do be careful. And if you are going to like import leads that obviously aren’t authorized emails or those who didn’t ask for your mails. Then these are the types of things you of course need to be careful of the number one thing that I find is the stat out is less is more. They don’t have that many features or unnecessary features that you don’t need and they only have the common tools and the features that most creators need to in order to successfully use email marketing.

I love the clean design of convertkit and when you do things like creating a news broadcast. It takes you or it guides you along the way to creating your broadcast message. Another set out of convertkit is that it’s actually made by creators for creators. So you know you can be rest assured knowing that the direction that they’re taking is towards and making. It is better and improve for creators like perhaps yourself another feature that. What I love about convertkit is that you’re able to create form-specific opt-in incentives. So in their landing pages and forms, you create a new form and you can actually create a form specifically for a type of incentive or giveaway. So let’s say you have a blog post and you want to give a specific report for that blog post and you can do this using their forms. And that will give out only that lead attraction or that freebie for that special person. So there’s a full help file on how to actually do this to use content upgrades is what they call it so step-by-step right there. I think that you know about the best e mail marketing companies. Thanks for reading this post and you will like how to make money on Instagram in 2022


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