Six easy steps to make money online as a freelancer in 2022

Now a day’s most people depend online. They stay a long time on social media or online platforms. To make money online as a freelancer is a great opportunity at this moment. If you want to make money online I have good news and one bad news for you the good news is that if you’re reading this post carefully. You can easily start making money online but the bad news is not everyone who’s reading this article will start making money online. Hello, all my dear friends welcome to the blog site. Today we will discuss six steps to make money online as a freelancer.  We share stuff related to freelancing making money online and social media growth and we are super excited in today’s article to talk to you about the six steps to make money online as a freelancer. You should take if you want to make money online this is a literal step-by-step guide that if you follow diligently consistently you can easily start to make money online as a freelancer. Now when I say easily it doesn’t mean that making money online is a piece of cake. Making money online isn’t by easily I mean that anyone can do it. You don’t have any other hardship than that what is kind of built inside you that’s inside your mindset because that’s the biggest obstacle that you’re going to encounter. So the first thing that you should do if you want to make money online as a freelancer be it as a social-media influencer be just someone who’s selling a digital or a physical product you need to stop being lazy like literally. You need to stop being lazy if you want to make money. In any case anyway what I think most people think is that when they think about making money online they think that making money online should be easy, they think making money online should be either too easy or too difficult if it’s too easy they think like it’s a scam and if it’s too hard they think like. They can’t do it so dude when you are going to actually take some action. Most people don’t even take action they just browse a little bit of stuff maybe come across people saying about making saying stuff about making money online. And they get excited and then they do nothing or worse they find these people and they see what these people have done to get there. Then they think oh my god this is too hard. I can’t do this ever and that’s when they just abandon their dream of making money online living their life like a boss and you know working for themselves instead of anyone else. So this is something this is a mentality that you really need to leave if you want something you have to work for it. Like this is rule of thumb for any other niche thing is you have to face hardships no matter where you work be it for a company or be it for yourself beat offline or online. So you have to be ready for the hardships that are going to come your way and it’s not going to be easy to do everything. But it gets easier when you have the mindset and the best thing that has helped me in like changing my mindset is doing a lot of courses online on changing the mindset and the subconscious mind. There’s a book called the power of subconscious mind while I don’t like it there are people who have liked that book and thought that reading that book helped them however for me taking a couple of courses on mindset mastery helped me a lot I’ll leave a link to a couple of them in the description below they are absolutely free. So the thing is what we grew up with is a very negative mindset our families tell us that the business online world is like a world of fraud and deceit and negativity. I think the first thing I heard about business is that someone did bills business and they went bankrupt the first thing I heard about the online world is that someone stole someone’s money online. So I already am that a very negative impact of the online world and making money and business and I’m pretty sure that if you have grown up in India you’ve probably grown up with that kind of mindset too so even if you get like very pumped up to work online that subconscious mind of yours which you probably don’t realize is kind of stopping you from taking action on working online or like developing skills that will help you get employed online. So try to work on that try to work on your mindset. Trust me there’s no limit in the world except the one that you pose on yourself. So number one you’ll have to stop being lazy commit to that and at least two hours every day of your life should be dedicated to learning a new skill and/or networking and getting clients which is the second thing that we are going to talk about. If you want to make money online as a freelancer that is you really need to network now networking comes in both phases of working online.

make money online as a freelancer
Six easy steps to make money online as a freelancer in 2022

Step number One to make money online as a freelancer

Number one to make money online as a freelancer phase is developing a skill. First, choose a topic or niche.

Step Number two to make money online as a freelancer

 Number two-phase is getting a client now while you’re developing a skilled networking becomes important. Because you need friends who are doing something that you are interested in you need friends to help you out every time you’re stuck you need friends to vent out your anger or vent out your frustration. You’re getting stuck with something constantly in your learning process. While you are like developing a skill be it content writing copywriting digital marketing sales funnels app development website development no matter which skill you want to learn you need friends who are doing the same thing it gets very lonely to do something on your own a lot of people take paid courses for the same reason or take mentorships for the same reason. They want someone to guide them however if you can’t pay for something you should definitely network in groups and LinkedIn with people who are already doing something that you are also doing or something that you want also want to do what happens is that maybe the majority of these people will not connect with you.

But a small portion of these people will talk to you and they’ll become friends with you. And who knows this person might be the reason that you actually land a gig later on this has happened so much you can only connect the dots looking backward not looking front looking at the front so there were so many people who became my clients and when I actually started talking with them. I had no idea that they’ll become my clients. I just wanted to talk to someone about writing about working online, about maybe blogging that there are so many like different types of people who hired me. Because I have been in touch with them for months or sometimes even as they hired me after years of being in touch so this network of people.  You are talking to this should be primarily entrepreneurs business owners etc. You don’t want unmotivated people or people who are settling for a life that you don’t want to be in you want to connect with people who you want to be like. So this is my second tip if you want to make it online if you want to make money online network with the right people the next thing that you should do or rather a simultaneous thing.

What you should do when you’re looking to work online is build skills now there’s a whole list of different skills. You can try to learn but some that I will suggest are content writing copywriting digital marketing virtual assistants’ sales funnels social media marketing list goes on and on. There are at least hundreds of options for you to choose from but these are some of the most popular categories in which people choose to freelance or choose to work in the network becomes very important nomad what kind of work you want to do online. Because your network of people is going to get you gigs is going to motivate you it is going to make you feel like who you want to become and then inspire you to take the action. On the same one of the biggest reasons why I could, I’d say make it moderately successful before I even turned 25 was. Because my network of people was twenty-seven twenty-eight year-olds who were a lot ahead of me since my network of people were people who have a lot more experience than me, a lot more successful than me.

They really helped me a lot in getting more passionate about my age people. They were hanging out in pubs and stuff where it was pretty annoying to see them all the time in my feed and then. I used to get sad on some days when they used never used to invite me because you know I was always busy working at home. However, I see them now and I see myself and I’m pretty unhappy with everything that I have. Now the thing is the only reason I could achieve whatever I have and be happy with and content with the things. I have is that I had the right network so the right network becomes very important even in developing your skills. If you see someone excelling at copywriting and if you want a life like this you’ll probably learn the skill of copywriting. You’ll probably learn how to get clients in copywriting. If you like someone who’s great at marketing who’s created a website you probably want to be like them. And then the thing is a lot of times you don’t really need to even pay someone to make them like someone in your network a lot of the people who inspire me. I have never even talked to them I just read their content. I love the way that they conduct their work and they inspire me so much so if you can’t build a network of people immediately who are more successful than you. You can definitely read their content and get inspired because they are sharing their knowledge with you for free. And that is so valuable if you’re someone who can’t afford courses mentorships etc should definitely consume a lot of free content. While it does waste a little bit of your time I assure you that you’ll never go regretted

The next step to make money online as a freelancer

What you should do after developing your skills and developing a network is starting making packages start pricing yourself. Start pricing your services or products the thing is you really need to start selling to start making money online. Because that is where everything kind of accumulates right so starts pricing your packages here also your network becomes very helpful. Your network is going to say what the price of the products is. You are offering or the service that you’re offering. This will help you number one that you don’t undersell yourself. And number two is that you don’t overprice yourself so that you’re at the right standard when you’re starting off and make a plan of action. The best plan of action in almost every kind of business is to grow social media to divert the traffic from social media to your landing pages. The pages where you are trying to sell stuff weight products or services and then wait for people to book your services. You can also try to network with people who might find your suggestions or services helpful. Never send cold pitches I would always suggest warming up to them with some free advice or a free trial and then you can kind of pitch your services. Free trials have helped me so much every time I offered a free trial. I offered like four or five free trials in my life. And I closed three of those people and I was just starting off then okay. So I can’t tell you how much free trials help in making a client trust you. When you’re just getting started and also giving you some experience and probably your clients will also be happy to give you a testimonial. A testimonial is basically someone saying good stuff about you if I can like put it in very simple words. The last step to make money online as a freelancer will be analyzing after following

The four steps to make money online as a freelancer

If you’re still not making money analyze what you’re doing in each step and probably some step is going wrong maybe you developed a skill that no one really needs maybe you developed a network that is not that good as you. Thought it was maybe you are selling the wrong kind of product or service maybe no one needs it or maybe that the plan that you made was not a very good plan. You really need to rework on it any part of this equation can go wrong and that may in you not making good money online however following a blueprint following,

following a map, following an idea a plan of action really helps in narrowing down your choices and making sure that you’re working towards something. I hope that this article helped and you will get started in your journey of making money online once again.

The five-step process is the way that I started to make money online as a freelancer and I have to make money online as a freelancer in a lot of ways I have to make money online as a freelancer blog site, website, Youtube. I have made money it has a freelancer in copywriting content writing marketing. I have also worked in the watch will have systems for some time. I have also tried to design sales funnels. And although I wouldn’t say that that’s something. I’ve done a lot I have significant experience in almost 10 different things about making money online and I can vouch for this it’s not that hard you can experiment as much as. You want to before you finalize on something fermentation is probably the most important thing unless you know what different things are you can’t really choose and yeah that would be all of my advice for you.

Number six to make money online as a freelancer

Last step you filter the right client for your skill. It is the most important thing to make money online as a freelancer. Because all clients are not good for your freelancer career. So avoid some fake clients. I think it is a good tip to make money as a freelancer.  

Today the content of today’s post will be enough for you to get started with making money online and if you want my personal guidance to make money as a freelancer make money online. Contact me via email. Best freelancer websites are Upwork, Fiverr, PeoplePerHour, freelancer, etc. Media growth freelancing making money online I’ll be back with another post next week till my next post. Thanks for reading this post and you will choose this post.

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