If you want to find free email marketing software for your business in 2022, this post will help with your perfect solution. Nowadays email marketing is very essential for any business such as small or big. But we suffer email marketing software for our business. So hello dear all friends welcome to wpfreebird and we discuss 10 free email marketing software for small businesses in 2022. Let’s discuss free email marketing software

Mailchimp is a free email marketing software

You can hear the name Mailchimp which is a leader in email marketing. It provides you with basic email marketing features in a free plan. You can work on email creation and scheduling Mailchimp. It has smart recommendations feature that makes this a great email marketing tool. It provides valuable audience insights. this is also to optimize your marketing efforts. It is an easy platform for designing emails and using the content manager. For this reason, you can store your images and files for easy access.

Mailchimp works to automate emails at crucial steps of the buyer journey. As a result, you can send out order confirmations, welcome emails, abandoned cart reminders, and so on. If you use Mailchimp, you can send the right messages on all the right channels. You can build emails, social ads, landing pages, postcards, and so on. It gives the brand home a custom domain. It takes appointments otherwise launch a website to sell products.

These built-in marketing tools help you boost sales and search supporters. Mailchimp is automate your marketing as send automated messages to your customers. It takes action with our insights. You can connect your store to give regular emails a sales boost. You can also create better content with easy-to-use design tools and flexible templates. So therefore Mailchimp works really easy to use from the other email marketing.

SendPulse is my 2nd choice for free email marketing software

SendPulse is a multi-channel marketing platform for its advertisement. It comes with a to of professionally designed email templates. You can customize using a drag-and-drop editor in an easy way. On the other hand, its email marketing feature is the most popular. These customized emails are to be sent out automatically at the right time based on user behavior if you can set them up.

SendPulse subscriber is an excellent way for rating feature to identify the valuable subscriber. You can read and unread the rate of each subscriber. To set replaceable text fields to personalize your emails by name, date of birth, gender, age, and job rate. You can accelerate sales and grow your business with SendPulse. By using SendPulse, you can connect with fast-track communication.

You can also get full visibility, make data-driven decisions and improve collaboration with it. To use SendPulse automation features to keep time-wasting tasks on autopilot. You need to focus on high-value work to get the time. SendPulse has some features like AutoNation 360, transactional emails, chatbots, and CPM. The customer can enhance satisfaction with it because they feel special with personalized messages and lightning-fast responses.

On using SendPulse, you can make creative tools and professionally designed templates. You can also create compelling emails and powerful landing pages in a few minutes. You take on target with customer insights and campaign analytics. You can transfer data automatically and send campaigns directly from your project. You can integrate with SendPulse and check out the list of CPM, CMS, and eCommerce systems. You reinvent your sales and marketing with SendPulse. Eventually, SendPulse is really a powerful marketing platform for growing digital businesses.

10 free email marketing software for Small Business in 2022

MailerLite is also free email marketing software

MailerLite is the pop-up customizer that makes stands out among free tools in email marketing. It is sophisticated features like the landing page builder. Moreover, it’s the basics like the drag-and-drop email builder. This tool comes with a rich text editor. It creates stunning emails with a built-in photo editor. To match the emails, you can create responsive landing pages.

If you send an email, you will improve your chances of driving conversions. You can run split tests on different types of your email to see and work to drive conversions and clicks. MailerLite provides a comprehensive campaign report. It contains important stats like click rate, open rate, unsubscribe rate, and so on. MailerLite has some powerful features such as creating dynamic emails with ease, growing an audience of fans, optimizing content that converts, etc.

If you use MailerLite, you can sell digital products directly from your emails and landing pages. It’s automated targeting and workflows. On the other hand, you mustn’t need high-class developers to create fantastic email newsletters in MailerLite because its drag and drop editor maker is super easy. If you use MailerLite, you can create amazing campaigns and optimize campaigns. You can also deliver the right message and truck your result. So it’s proved that MailerLite is simply a dynamic tool in email marketing.

Benchmark Email is fourth choice for free email marketing software

Benchmark Email
Benchmark Email is one of the creative options for an email marketing tool. It designs responsive emails that look great no matter which device. They’re viewed on it. You can even edit the image right on the platform as you want to add images to your email. You can add effects to the email editor. You send stickers and text to effectively across your message.

It has tons of pre-designed templates based on industry, type, and occasion. You can choose to select your option. By using HTML savvy, you can use the code editor to make emails from scratch. If you are editing it, you will see your email design of the dual view feature. It simplifies the whole email creation process. Benchmark Email has some features such as growing your subscriber list with forms and more.

You can boost engagement with gorgeous emails and campaigns and turn subscribers into customers with automated emails. You improve, measure, and grow with reports. By using Benchmark email, you invest in a stronger relationship with your contacts. If you use Benchmark email, you can reach your goals faster. It has access to a robust email marketing tool.

It expands your business and explores your option. This is why Benchmark is a quick and fast process to create professional emails and grow a digital business.

Moosend is fifth coice for free email marketing software

Moosend is one of the intelligent email marketing tools. It works to automate repetitive tasks. It also saves your most valuable time. You make design behavioral email campaigns for your subscribers. It also depends on your subscriber’s information and activities by working on Moosend, you can use the advanced segmentation feature. It sends highly accurate emails to each recipient. It also increases the open rate and click-through rate as well as ROI. Moosend tool provides you with detailed campaign performance.

It optimizes your campaign and gets even better results. It integrates with some of my favorite apps. It has passed on vital information between different tools. It’s one of the only free email marketing tools. But it includes its logo in emails. If you use Moosend, you can benefit from all the email marketing minus the coding. It’s highly personalized emails that stimulate clicking instincts.

You can create beautiful landing pages in a blink of an eye by using Moosend. It’s also fuel continued list growth with the right template. It has also a few powerful features such as advanced list segmentation, powerful real-time analytics, custom opt-in forms, pre-built workflow templates, etc. Lastly to say Moosend is really needed to develop digital business.


You must hear the name of EmailOctopus which is a simple email marketing tool. It runs on the Amazon SES infrastructure. If you use the free plan of it, you won’t get any offers as many features as the other email marketing tools on this list. On the other hand, you can use premium and cost for a month then you will get those offers. If you use EmailOctopus, you can send out an unlimited email from many addresses.

It makes the perfect solution for a small agency and small entrepreneur responding to other brands. EmailOctopus integrates with third-party apps such as Word press, MailOptin, and Zapper. If you use it, you can exchange customer data between different tools seamlessly. You can use data and insights to segment your list and personalize your email by using EmailOctopus.

It imports existing subscribers and keeps growing with customizable forms for your website. It also creates email sequences to engage your subscribers from the minute to join your list. It’s used over 51,000 companies and organizations to grow. So therefore EmailOctopus is a valuable tool in growing business.

Hub Spot Email Marketing is the sebenth choice for free email marketing software

Hub spot email marketing is one of the most important contents in the digital business world. Hub spot email marketing concepts into its own creative marketing idea. It’s also the best marketing automation platform. It launched a free email marketing tool recently because it can help to support small size business transactions. This type of marketing has two versions.

There are one is free and another paid premium. Its tool features a handy-drag and-drop visual editor and comes equipped with ready-made templates. For this reason, its tools grow up and run earlier. Hub spot email marketing is native integration with other Hub spot tools. For example, free-forever CRM is one of them.

If you open an account, you can gain access to both tools Thus you can make a centralized construct database, create it in the list, manage and track email performance. It’s also a resource with the educational instrument. There has little software. Such as marketing hub, sales hub, CMS hub, service hub, operation hub, and so on. On marketing Hub spot email marketing, you can automate and personalize engagement across channels.

You can manage your team and bands. You can also extend the platform, advance your reporting, optimize campaign conversion, build custom reports,s and so on. If your sell on Hup spot email marketing, you can streamline B2B buying and manage your growing team. You can also organize your own sales process, sales analytics, personalize your outreach at scale, coach and enable scale, customize match your business, and so on.

You can get a lot of opportunities for customers service on Hub spot email marketing. such as scale support with automation and self-service, conducting seamless on banding, extended customer relationships, customizing your process, optimizing performance growth, streamlining customers communications, improving retention with KPIs, and organizing support channels.

You can optimize your website, secure your website, build powerful digital experiences, extend your content strategy and leverage the full platform on CPM to Hub spot email marketing platform. The Hub spot email marketing helps to go ahead make prosper the digital business site.

Sender is eight choice for free email marketing software

The best free marketing tool in the market is sender one of this type of them. It features to ensure deliverability. Without any knowledge about HTML, you can create stunning newsletters. You can choose from the template. You can customize it with elements such as – images, videos, and text.

You can also create personalized newsletters for every recipient. It is a really bigger impact. One of the top reasons is the sender’s robust analytics. email. Anyone clicked on the link when it opened. You can track him and check your email. This always helps you to build accuracy.

It’s based on your subscriber’s action on analysis of buyer profiles. You will be able to craft compelling offers and optimize existing email strategies. You can create, send a nice and branded email to the sender. On using sender, You don’t need to work cording to build unique design. You need a few seconds to make any design.

It has dropped and drug builder, free templates gallery, custom HTML editor, and responsive emails. If you work on sender, you can get some features. These are high email deliverability, smart automation, dedication to your success,  send, analyze, improve, etc. You can get email automation on sender like drip campaigns, welcome emails, happy birthday emails, abandoned cart emails nurture your subscribers, and follow up on the purchase.

You can also get a powerful text messaging service for businesses on the sender. As like- SMS  list building tools, In-depth segmentation, engaging notifications, complete communication, personalize SMS, advance text messaging report, automated drip workflows, text messaging marketing, and collect OPT-in SMS numbers. Undoubtedly, sender as a free marketing tool impacts on great contribution on marketing.

Sendinblue is ninth choice for free email marketing software

Sendinblue is one of the valuable marketing communication platforms. It is not only an email marketing tool but also has some additional functions. You can create relationship management with customers. You can also make landing page creation. Sendinblue has moreover 70 design templates and email design functions.

You can create a great-looking email very easily by using Sendinblue. These kinds of templates are responsive. If you find any design, you can preview your result. After you can ensure your design look that you want any screen format. You can use features such as A/B testing and segment the recipient list after your email design.

You take the manual effort, guesswork out of optimizing campaigns and targeting your ideal audiences. If you stay with Sendinblue, you can get a few new features. Such as email marketing, SMS marketing, chatting, inbox, CPM, marketing automation, transactional email, and segmentation. Without hard work, you can always work smartly on Sendinblue.

It is connected with e-commerce and multichannel marketing. It’s improved on open and click-through reports, email heat maps, send-time optimization, and real-time statistics. Sendinblue is growing faster with an all-in-one marketing platform. By using it, you can manage all your digital communications in one place. You can connect your store and prepare online marketing on Sendinblue in a simple way.

To bring your business online then you need Sendinblue. So no need to say Sendinblue is an intuitive platform for doing smartly to make faster business.

Omnisend is my last choice for free email marketing software

Omnisend is one of the biggest e-commerce marketing platforms. It is sophisticated that all communication platforms are in one place. Omnisend is a free-to-plan-only email include. On the other hand, it’s enough to support the email marketing efforts of small and medium enterprise businesses.

Omnisend allows automating email delivery using behavioral triggers. You can get communications based on your customer’s convenience easily. It’s comprehensive audience insights to send out, which you can utilize. It’s relevant email marketing text. Its attractive design newsletters use time-saving features such as the Product Picker.

If you want any products to include in your email, you can select all the products in Product Picker. Omnisend has some features such as all-in-one eCommerce marketing, purpose-built for nimble eCommerce business, create on-brand, automatic sales, full leverage customers data, capture and convert new subscribers, and omnichannel marketing, etc.

The drive sales impact with Omnisend with revenue-driving email marketing and automation. It makes to creates professional, stunning emails on Omnisend’s library of templates without any coding. You can send SMS and MMS on Omnisend without any charge. By using Omnisend, you can increase sales and customer engagement.

If you face any problem with Omnisend, you can help to solve your problem on the omniscient academy. The Omnisend marketing automation platform is tailor-made for eCommerce with every feature. We make sure that your migration and kickoff with Omnisend are as smooth as possible.

If you stay with Omnisend, you can replace generic with e-commerce-focused. On connecting with Omnisend, you can seamlessly connect your store, automate eCommerce workflows and segment your customers. Omnisend has a multi-store account and more than 80 integrations.

The data transfer is secure and recurring with it. So therefore Omnisend is keeping a great contribution to the e-commerce marketing platform.

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