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Greeting all my loving friends Wellcome to wpfreebird in another post. Today we will discuss how to become a virtual assistant. Let’s go to know how to become a virtual assistant.

Do you know How to become a virtual assistant?

A virtual assistant provides a range of remote services for all. It means to hand in basic tasks such as email management, scheduling, and posting on social media. There is some virtual assistant to specialize in one or two higher-level tasks like proofreading, graphic design, and bookkeeping. As independent contractors, virtual assistants are self-employed and common to work for multiple clients at once.

A virtual assistant is a top online job and it makes great potential the role of no start-up expense and flexible.

Step 1: Decide on services to offer

It is the first step if want to know how to become a virtual assistant. The first step is to decide that service to like offer clients if you are considering becoming a virtual assistant. People hire virtual assistants for hiding for someone at the top of their field in a specific skill set and look for basic support in handling every task. It handles various types of work. Both answer customer support emails and manage the business social media profile as the VA role may require.

By taking inventory of your existing skills, it is best to start and equally important to consider the type of work. You do like to specialize to start; you can choose the specific areas. Deciding on a few niches upfront, it makes easier to tailor resume and job proposals. There are six beginner-friendly niches to consider such as:

1. Customer support

2.  Proofreading

3. Social media management

4. The email management service

5. Research

6. Project management

Step 2: Level up your skills with free or low cost training

It is the second step if want to know how to become a virtual assistant. Step two you are imagining you’re a client looking for a virtual assistant, you manage your company with social media profile and basis some other marketing administration tasks. Within a day, you post a job on a freelance marketplace like Upwork and have a dozen applications. If it is minimal, it can make your application stand out definitely any experience in the field.

A great way to prove a given skill when you have no experience with free or low-cost certifications. A number of corporations and universities have lines of a free certification program.

There are a few worth such as google project management: professional certificate, Facebook certified digital marketing associate, Microsoft Office specialist: outlook associate, Graphic Design specialization from CalArts, QuickBook certification, SalesForces administrator. You separate yourself from other beginner applicants when you add a certification from a reputable company.

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Step 3: Define your ideal client

It is the third step if want to know how to become a virtual assistant. A virtual assistant niche requires looking at own skills and abilities. It determines what you like to offer your clients. But the client takes to defining your idea the opposite approach. You can benefit from your skills by identifying the type of client. Your primary niche is social media management as an example. You can see two different opportunities to browse into available jobs.

A local dentist’s office manages their social media such as Facebook and Instagram and manages their Google My Business page. A role generates $1,000 to $2,000 a month to manage social media for a profitable blog. The value of your services are provided is greater with the dentist’s office role. The dentist’s office can be worth thousands of dollars for bringing in new clients.

Unless there is massive growth involved, it may add a few hundred dollars in revenue and manage social media for the blogger. You can bring the most value when you want to have a very clear understanding of the type of client. You will go from entry-level to a highly paid virtual assistant in long term. It gives a simple plan for determining your target buyer.

Step 4: Build your resume professionally

It is the fourth step if want to know how to become a virtual assistant. When you are working remotely, a resume can a lot of things in today’s world. It is good practice to put a professional resume together for starting time. You plan to go straight to the freelance marketplace like Upwork. We outline that you shouldn’t put on a resume in the guide on how to write a resume with no experience.

It also helps to put together a portfolio website beyond your resume. You can showcase to offer the clients. A website is a quick and affordable way and it separates you from another field in the beginning part.

Step 5: Set your rates

It is the fifth step if want to know how to become a virtual assistant. You should change more to someone working full time on an annual salary with similar skills and experience as a freelancer. Freelancers are responsible for paying many important parts such as taxes, insurance, and other business expenses. As a full-time employee in a similar role, my own role of thumb is to charge 25% more than my market value.

This comes out to around for the client since I’m responsible for taxes, related expenses, and my benefit. You want to look up the salary info for entry-level positions for your situation. You are considering an increase of 25%. There is the hourly rate of entry-level positions among virtual assistants as an example. You should be charging more as your skills increase.

You might aim to secure the second client at a $25 per hour rate if you take on multiple clients in the next generation.

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Step 6:  Find the perfect first job

It is the sisth step if want to know how to become a virtual assistant. As a virtual assistant, there are three options for finding a job.

1. The freelance marketplace

2. Job search sites

3. Virtual assistant agencies

The rates tend to be lower, you are competing with offshore talent in any case. You will find that larger companies tend to use established job sites. There are looking for employees with experience to work specific hours. Virtual assistant agencies are a good choice with some experience looking to work a full-time workweek.

Instead of combing into jobs posted by clients, you can create freelance gigs which can order on demand for clients as a category of its own. It could create gigs for designing banners, writing tweets, and researching hashtags. It is a good chance to test out demand for a number of different gigs in the sense. There could be opportunities available to specialize in the niches as something hit and signed.

After starting, this type of freelancer typically quits in frustration relatively. You will have positioned yourself to get hired as a virtual assistant when you have followed every step above. Without having to work for less, you will be able to start making money from home. The best market places for promoting your service from home like Upwork, Fiverr, Freelancer, etc.

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