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1st part how to change my life

Hello, friends welcome to wpfreebird. Today I’m going to discuss with you 20 simple good habits how to change my life that you can do right now that will change your life forever. You are going to learn how to change my life. So when we’re in the position where we’re feeling like we don’t have a sense of direction. We don’t know what to do with ourselves we’re feeling lost maybe even feeling hopeless. Oftentimes we resort to asking others for their opinion their advice we seek counsel we seek guidance. So that they can try and shed light on what we should be doing with our lives. I don’t think that there’s anything wrong with that I think that’s great but I think that if you’re going to go ahead and ask someone else for advice. You should definitely be asking yourself first and the reason being is because nobody knows you better than you.

You know yourself at the deepest level and that’s why we often have the answers that we need already within us. We often know what we need to do in order to how to change my life.

But the challenges that we don’t ask ourselves we fail to ask ourselves asking yourself looks like sitting down taking the time to actually sit down and be with yourself as though you were sitting down with a friend to who you’re seeking counsel instead.

You can be your friend so you sit down and you ask yourself what’s one thing I could do right now that would change my life for the better or whatever question that you wish to ask and you sit there. And the answers will come to you when you marinate on this question when you ponder these questions. The answers will flow through you and you get a pen and paper and you start writing down what comes to mind and then you look at those answers and you question those answers you challenge those answers.

You don’t just accept them just because they came to mind you actually challenge them that’s what thinking is oftentimes we think that thinking is just thoughts coming in and out of our mind. And that is the subconscious way of unconscious way of thinking but there is a conscious way of thinking as well and oftentimes academics that’s what they practice. They have a given topic and then they really think deeply about it. And they question their conclusion they try and actually challenge their conclusion and look at it from as many perspectives as possible and that’s something that we could benefit from adopting in ourselves by really using our brain to deeply think about us. What it is that we want for ourselves in our lives?

So the point of this article is I want to inspire you to ask yourself these questions that you so deeply want answers to because I believe that the answers are already within you and you will be surprised at what you can come up with how to change my life. If you give yourself a moment and if you actually give yourself the time too consciously, you will ask yourself these questions. So I did this last night I was sitting down in a matter of like five minutes I came up with 20 things that I think would positively impact my life if I were to adopt those things right now I’m going to be discussing that with you how to change my life.

And then at the end, I would love for you to actually take on this challenge and you know where I don’t know what you’re struggling with I don’t know what your challenges are in their life right now I don’t know what direction you need but you do and ask yourself that question and come up with some answers and share them with me in the blog comments I would love to read your opinion and answer them cordially. If you need how to change my life, you will be reading this article carefully.

how to change my life

Ending work at 5pm

Now you will get tip number one how to change my life. Number one is ending work at 5 p.m so if you have a 9 to 5 job you’re probably you know you’re already ending work around 5 p.m. You’ve got it you’ve got to you’ve got boundaries between work and your personal life but if you’re an entrepreneur like me. You can probably relate to this when you’re an entrepreneur the responsibility is on you 100 and there is no work-life balance it’s kind of like in many ways you know the work doesn’t end because you’re always on your phone you’re checking your email. If you have employees people are messaging you and it can consume you and so for many years when I was building my business that’s how I was doing it. I would work you know. I would have this huge to-do list and I wouldn’t finish my work until I was done with this to-do list. That would go late into the night early into the morning. And just I realized how it just wasn’t healthy yes great for success great for productivity.

I got a lot done was able to succeed at such a young age but at the same time like at what cost and my belief now are that you don’t want to have this huge gap in your life in balance in your life with the things. That you value most you’ll find people who are tremendously successful. But they have terrible relationships because they’re spending all of their time working. They’re not spending any quality time with their spouse or their partner for me. What’s important is to have a beautiful harmony to be holistic in my approach to life? About four years ago Pope and I decided that we needed to be in alignment with this since we both work from home. We would end work at 5 00 p.m and it’s made a significant impact on my life I’m happier I’ve got more free time to enjoy other hobbies and passions and more time for my relationship at 5 p.m.

We both have our computers closed bye-bye anything else that’s penny can wait until tomorrow any employees that need a response can wait until tomorrow. It’s time for quality time between us or with friends you know and living life. So that’s something that I would strongly suggest consider you consider if you are an entrepreneur but I get it if you’re in the beginning phases of a business. In the beginning stages you need to make some sacrifices you need to work really hard. And you need to grind and you might have to work very long hours and there may not be any work-life balance.

That’s fine for the beginning stages of a startup when you’re first beginning. Then you don’t have a business you’re still an employee.

Remember the idea is to be a business owner, not a business operator and if you aren’t able to step away from your business. Then you are chained down by your business and I don’t see how that’s any better than just having a regular nine to five job all right. So you should make a daily plan.

Turn off your devices if you want to learn how can I change my life and be happy

You think how to change my life. Tips number two the first thing I came up with was deleting social media accounts or turning on your screen time settings in your iPhone. So the reason I thought of this is that you know initially social media was made to connect us and help us connect with family and friends. And you know that’s true but it’s really not what most of us use it for these days maybe a small percentage of

the time that we’re on social media. We’re actually interacting with our family and friends but for the most part, a lot of us are just scrolling us like unconsciously like zombie-like scrolling through Instagram and being programmed by these companies advertising to us. I honestly don’t think that if I were to delete my social media accounts today I would my life would be worse off I actually think I would be a lot happier. You know the thing is that yes I have family and friends on social media but I’ve got their phone numbers how about getting on a phone. And actually calling them and speaking with them and having a conversation rather

than just texting them all the time. So I think that would be something that would dramatically change someone’s life who’s living in this day and age. If you did a social media challenge where you did that for a month like no social media for a month or turning on the screen time settings where you limit yourself like only 30 minutes of social networks per day 30 minutes of news per day. If you’re someone who’s always on the news app reading the news whatever you’re kind of addicted to you know you know what you’re spending your time on. If want to learn how to change my life, you should read all parts. So wait for another part how to change my life. You also choose the best demand jobs in 2022


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