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Hello, friends welcome to wpfreebird and today’s in this post, I’m discussing how to grow my business. Now, these are the exact same strategies that I follow in my own business as well as that I advise my clients and my students to use. So whether your goal is to hit your first 20K a month or 40k a month or 100k a month or even more. If you know how to grow my business, you will follow these instructions. These strategies can help in your online or offline business. You should follow my strategies for growing your business. Let’s get to know how to grow my business.

Right time, right decision if you want to learn How to grow my business

So the first thing that you need to understand when it comes to growing your business is that most businesses are held back. They’re stuck or stalled not because of their product or because of their service or because of a lack of funding or because of market conditions but rather simply. Because of a lack of marketing, you see marketing as the single most important element to your business’s success. Because it’s marketing’s job to help bring you new leads and new clients and new customers and without those, you don’t really have a business.

This is why, it’s incredibly important to have those basics down to really understand the concepts and the principles behind marketing and really what makes people act the way. They do and what makes them buy what they buy talking about things like consumer behavior and buyer psychology and essentially all. The head stuff that goes into what actually causes somebody to take action and to make a purchase or to decide to work with you.

How to grow my business
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This is why, the very first thing you need to do is really dial in your ideal customer avatar or ICA for short essentially the makeup or the composition or a fictional representation of your most perfect potential customer talking about things like. They live in and their psychographic details like their attitudes and their values and their beliefs and their lifestyles. All the things that kind of make up the person when we think of that why this is important. Because all of your marketing is going to be hinged on this ideal client or ideal customer avatar. So you really need to understand who they are what makes them tick you need to understand their pains and their problems and their frustrations. So you can take your business and then communicate the value that you provide essentially.

You can communicate how your business is there to help them solve their pains and problems. But I digress the point here is that if we want to grow your business and that’s the goal of this whole thing well. Then you’re going to need to get in front of more of your ideal people with the right message. So you can get more traffic. You can get more attention and you can get more leads but leads alone aren’t enough to grow your business which is why.

You should know Good or bad marketing if you want to know How to grow my business.

If you want to know How to grow my business, you should know about good or bad business. So let’s move on to the next point which is better marketing now in order to really understand what better marketing is and what it looks like. We first need to take a look at bad marketing. Bad marketing is spreading yourself too thin and trying to do everything and trying to be everywhere like much of the popular advice out. There is preaching right now.

The reality is is that being everywhere and doing everything for most businesses simply not realistic even if it were. It’s also exhausting and overwhelming and ineffective. Because the reality is that your ideal client avatar is that ideal customer that we just identified in the previous step well. They’re not everywhere. They are not doing everything for your business. So there’s no need for you to be either rather what you need to be is focused in on the one or two maybe three channels.

Where they’re spending the majority of your time and then go there ignoring everything. Else bad marketing is also not being clear about your value about your message about your offers. This happens a ton when businesses try to get creative and they focus and really prioritize creativity over clarity and this is a recipe for disaster. Because when we get too creative well, it sounds great to us. But our customers often just end up getting confused and confused customers don’t

buy another issue or another symptom of bad marketing is not being consistent not showing up repetitively. In front of your ideal customers or clients in the places that they’re spending their time. When we do this our brands our businesses well, we become forgettable and we’re quickly replaced with whoever else is making the effort to show up consistently. Now depending on what statistic you survey or which one you look at the type of the rough range is somewhere around seven to fourteen touchpoints are required for a consumer to have knowledge with your own brand.

Before they make a sale in some cases. It’s upwards of 30 touchpoints depending on just how sort of discerning. The client is and depending on how expensive or high ticket. The offer is that you’re selling regardless though whether we’re talking about seven touchpoints or 14 touchpoints or 30 touch points or more. It’s a whole lot of touchpoints and this is why it’s fundamental. It’s crucial, it’s mandatory even that you need to be consistent you need to show up again and again and again to provide more value create more content continue to nurture, and value the connection so that when the consumer or client is eventually ready to make the acquisition determination. It’s you they decide to go with all right. Hope you get about How to grow my business.

So now that we’ve identified the bad marketing what’s the flip side of this well for starters. It’s not doing everything like. I said choosing one or two maybe three platforms to focus all of your energy on really doubling down on marketing yourself well there rather than spreading yourself in and just doing a terrible job in a whole bunch of places.

Next, it’s being crystal clear about who your ideal client is and crystal clear on the value that you’re providing them which essentially boils down to your messaging and to the offer that you’re making to them and then. Lastly, it’s creating it easy for them to know to like and to entrust you by offering up repetitively being consistent and continuing to provide content and to deliver value to them. So you stay top of mind and you increase those touchpoints at every possible opportunity all right.

Divided by something about the Pythagorean theory

If you know How to grow my business, You should learn the next Pythagorean theory. Let’s move on to the next point which is a pretty powerful one and one that’s had profound impacts on my own business my own life as well as all of my clients and my student’s businesses and that point is the power of 80-20 also known as the Pareto principle which essentially states that 80 of your results are going to come from just 20 of your actions. Now if you’ve never heard this before it sounds like total crazy talk but the reality is. It’s very true 80 of the roads get about 20 of the traffic twenty percent of the roads get about eighty percent of the traffic twenty percent of your clients or customers are going to account for around eighty percent of your earnings.

Twenty percent of your headaches are going to come from eighty percent of your customers 80% of your customers twenty percent of your headaches. Twenty percent of roads and eighty percent traffic carry the two square root of four. So divided by something about Pythagorean theory. The takeaway point is that its small things that make a big difference and really it’s only a few things that are making the most impact and the most difference in your business. So you mustn’t be doing everything.

You don’t need to be everywhere like. We’ve already covered whether you need to do an 80-20 analysis on your business in order to discover. Those tiny things that you are doing are providing the most powerful results. So you can do more of them and less of all the other stuff in my experience most business owners most entrepreneurs well. They spend a lot of their time doing things that make them look busy but aren’t actually driving the business forward and if they’re really honest with themselves or if I have the chance to be actually honest with consumers or clients.

We’ll take a good hard look at the business at their activities at their operations and really quickly. We’re going to be able to identify simplify things down to find the things that they should be doing that they are doing but probably not as much as they should be. So they can do more of them and get way better results the solution here or the fix to the problem is to spend a lot of time doing check-ins to ask yourself repetitively is what I’m doing right now.

The single most important thing, I should be doing or is what I’m doing moving me closer to my business goals or is what I’m doing the single best use of my time right now. And more often than not you might be surprised to discover the solution is no that’s okay. We can just recalibrate and get back on track most of my work as a business coach is spent simplifying stripping down and eliminating a lot of the fluff and a lot of the kind of trivial work that really doesn’t need to be done so that we can streamline the entire process and spend more time doing the things that actually drive the business forward grow revenues and increase profits. Hope you learn How to grow my business. Thanks for reading this post. Have you any questions about this post. Please comment to us and we reply to you as soon as possible. If you want learn more about How to grow my business, You will reading this book. You also like How to start an eCommerce business in 2022.



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