How to increase organic sales on Amazon in 2022


Hello, friends welcome to wpfreebird. Today I’m going to be sharing with you how to increase organic sales on Amazon this year. So that you can profit big sale get started because I’ve got a lot to share with you some tips. Let’s go discuss how to increase organic sales on Amazon.

The first tip that how to increase organic sales on Amazon.

how to increase organic sales on Amazon

It is to set up your automated Amazon Follow-up series so using the software. You can link it with your Amazon account and you can set it up. So that your customers receive automatically a series of emails from you the seller now as you know Amazon will send them emails to confirm their order to give them tracking information all of that stuff because Amazon with fba provides a level of customer support. However, it’s valuable for your customers to also receive emails from you as the seller. It’s a great way for you to enhance the customer’s experience gives them a way to communicate with you. The seller and you can even share a little bit about your brand and just build a better customer experience. So there are many points in time where you might send them an email first when they place an order to confirm their order again Amazon’s going to do that but it’s great to have an email from the seller introduce yourself and give them away to communicate with you. If they do have any questions or concerns two when the order is in transit just give them a courtesy email to let them know hey your order is on the way just wanted to let you know number three when the order arrives. So when they receive the package you can say I understand that you received the package just wanted to check in make sure that you’re happy with it. If there’s anything that was damaged during transit please do let me know. So that we can help you out so if they do have concerns if they do have hesitations rather than going and leaving you a negative review on Amazon. They now can communicate that with you and you can help make things right the fourth one is to ask for a review now. This is really valuable because you know that reviews are everything on Amazon. I think it is a very important thing how to increase organic sales on Amazon. So this tip is very helpful for increasing your Amazon sales. It builds social proof so when prospective customers come to your Amazon listing they see that there are other people like themselves who have purchased your product and have had a satisfactory experience and have enjoyed your product and so reviews are really valuable and a lot of people don’t know how to get reviews. But you don’t want to forget that you’re allowed to ask your customers to leave you a review it does follow Amazon’s terms of service as long as you’re not bribing them to give you a review or not incentivizing them to leave you a positive review. You just asked them genuinely. Please share with me your honest feedback leave me an honest review so you can send that final follow-up email to them asking for that review letting them know hey dear we’re a small business we just started selling on Amazon. It would really mean a lot for you to leave me that review and chances are oftentimes. They do go ahead and do that so this is something that you set up once you write the emails yourself or you can follow some templates. You set it up and you forget it and this is really important. You don’t want to skip this step because it’s going to really enhance the customer’s experience. I hope you already got a valuable tip that how to increase organic sales on Amazon.

Next tip number two that how to increase organic sales on Amazon.

Build your email list. Now, this is something that oftentimes new Amazon sellers neglect or forget to do they think that maybe this is something that people need to do if they’re selling on their own website but for me, because I’m simply selling on Amazon. I don’t need to build an email list and I would say you don’t want to follow that way of thinking definitely make the effort to build your email list. It is going to serve you long-term by building an email list. You now give you now have a way to actually communicate with your customers and communicate whatever you’d like. Yes, you can communicate with your customers through Amazon’s messaging platform but you’re limited with what you can say because through Amazon system. Those are Amazon’s customers and Amazon makes that very clear to you with their terms of service that they’re Amazon’s customers not your customers and they don’t want you to be marketing them or taking them away from the Amazon platform. So building an email list is key because you have to understand the long-term value of your customers building a relationship with them. It’s going to be far easier for you to sell to an existing customer who had a great experience with you who has purchased from you in the past and is happy with that purchase than to attract a new customer. It’s going to cost you more money to get a new customer. It is to sell to an existing customer and so through your email marketing. You can send them emails on a regular basis add value to them build a relationship but also market them to build your email list now this is something that oftentimes new Amazon sellers neglect or forget to do. They think that maybe this is something that people need to do if they’re selling on their own website but for me, because I’m simply selling on Amazon. I don’t need to build an email list and I would say you don’t want to follow that way of thinking definitely make the effort to build your email list it is going to serve you long term. Because by building an email list you now give you now have a way to actually communicate with your customers and communicate. Whatever you’d like? Yes, you can communicate with your customers through Amazon’s messaging platform but you’re limited with what you can say because through the Amazon system those are Amazon’s customers and Amazon makes that very clear to you uh with their terms of service that they’re Amazon’s. I think it is a good way how to increase organic sales on Amazon.

So a lot of people do this through for example a warranty for their product you know that who gets a One-year warranty in order to register for this warranty. You have to go to this website and on the website, they enter their name and email, and then they’re registered for the warranty but they’re also subscribed to your mailing list now there are many ways that you can start building your email list off of Amazon through social media or doing some Facebook paid advertising as long as you create and offer something of value. So, whether it’s a discount on your product like a really amazing discount, a really great deal where in order to claim it. They have to enter their name and email um or if it’s uh like a free training depends on what your product is and who or an e-book or a pdf guide. You know it your audience is but the key is just creating something of value. So that they will give you their email their contact information in exchange for that piece of value number three create social contests. So this is another way to capture leads and it’s actually extremely effective because who doesn’t like free stuff so if you can do some sort of giveaway on Instagram maybe you’re giving away your product maybe you’re doing a promotion maybe you’re collaborating with some other brands to do like a whole package so like a bigger giveaway. These types of contests don’t have to just be on Instagram. It could be on youtube, could be on Facebook whatever social platform these social contests tend to be extremely effective now. You may not gain the highest quality leads or the most targeted leads but nonetheless, you’re able to build a list and this can be very helpful. Because there will always be a percentage of them who will buy a product that you later offer to the number four have your Amazon account audited everyone makes mistakes including Amazon one of the simplest ways to grow your Amazon business is to ensure that the profits that you earn go straight to your pocket. But if you’re selling using Amazon’s fulfillment center there are many points in time when Amazon could be making mistakes that are costing you money at any point in the Amazon inventory cycle. There is a potential for 30 different points of failure from the point of distribution to fulfillment to customers and customer returns just create more room for error. Now you have already learned about how to increase organic sales on Amazon.

Next tip number two that how to increase organic sales on Amazon.

Next tip number three that how to increase organic sales on Amazon.

You are to create some video demonstrations video is so powerful I don’t need to tell you that that’s why you’re here reading an article that how to increase organic sales on Amazon right now it’s particularly important in e-commerce in traditional retail a customer can use their senses to experience the product fully they can hold it they can see if they can smell it with e-commerce they can’t so with video you now create an opportunity where they can experience the product in different ways you can show it to the more you can explain the product you can demonstrate

so I recommend creating a demonstration video for your product you can insert video into your Amazon listing if you have brand registry. So any registered brands selling on Amazon are able to embed videos into their product listing and I highly encourage you to do that now you may have seen this before with certain Amazon listings that have a plus content previously known

as enhanced brand content so sometimes they’ll have the images and the last one is a video or sometimes it might be a video in the description area it’s really important it makes the world of a difference when converting a prospective customer into a buyer now the type of video that you want to insert into your Amazon listing is something that will explain the product demonstrate the product really just address any questions that that prospective customer might have if you can answer those questions through that video that’s awesome now to demonstrate better what type of video you would want to include in your Amazon listing. Amazon makes that can cost sellers money and then they present their software where they can audit your Amazon account for you the journey of an Amazon package from your hands to the customers isn’t always a smooth straight road it can go wrong in many ways including some you should be reimbursed for sometimes Amazon misplaces items in their fulfillment center causing you to lose both the value of the items and the profits from their sale if Amazon puts your product in the wrong category. You could pay higher listing fees and your item might not show up in a customer search causing you to miss out on a sale Amazon could damage your item before it ships out to a customer resulting in a return of an unhappy customer and a potentially damaging review speaking of returns Amazon. Sometimes issues a refund for a customer’s purchase that arrived too late was returned in poor condition or didn’t contain the correct item it’s up to you to catch fba errors like these if you want to be reimbursed but who has the time and do you know all the errors you should be looking for our fba audit does it’s your silent partner in getting your money back from amazon Now you have already achieved an important thing that how to increase organic sales on Amazon.

Last tip that how to increase organic sales on Amazon.

It is influencer marketing this is a game-changer for online businesses I know many people who started an Amazon business didn’t have many followers on social media didn’t have an email list didn’t have any business experience but learned the value of influencer marketing leveraged influencers. Now they have a thriving brand with a ton of social proof so the idea of influencer marketing is you go. You find influencers these are people who have a presence on social media. They already have a following on social media and you find people within your niche people who are kind of sharing an interest in the same topics talking about the same thing so for example if you’re in the fitness niche you would go and you’d be looking for an influence in the fitness niche and then you would approach them and you would collaborate and agree to some terms and then essentially they’re going to be promoting your product to their audience now the value in this is because they’ve worked hard to build an audience. They built an audience that likes knows and trusts them and there if they recommend a product to their audience is going to be far more likely to listen to their recommendation and potentially buy that product than if you were to advertise cold ads on Facebook to random people you know. So they’re much more likely to buy and take a recommendation from someone that they already follow that they already trust and so this is really awesome for you if you’re just getting started and you don’t have any followers on social media you don’t have an email list you know you don’t necessarily need to yes you want to build something of your own but you can leverage what someone else has already created you make it a win-win-win so a win for you because you get to leverage their platform a win for the influencer. They’ll get compensated and a win for their audience who gets introduced to your awesome product. So you now get to use that platform to share and broadcast your product with a thousand people. And these are targeted people because these are people who are also into fitness because they are following this influencer who is in the fitness exploring influencer marketing more it may not be a fit for every single product it depends on what kind of product you’re selling but for the vast majority of products this could be really powerful. So these are my tips for you today final tip that how to increase organic sales on Amazon. I hope that you learned this article how to increase organic sales on Amazon. Have you needed any help? Please write us. 


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