1. […] the next step is to start sending free traffic to your affiliate link next. Now you’re going to come over to TikTok and create an account. But this account must be a niche realated account. A niche account is a TikTok account where you need not show your face but you post valuable information for your audience. Now I am giving an example that matches the product that we’re using for this example. This is a digital product TikTok account the great thing about accounts like this is that. You don’t even have to show your face to get fans & and follower, you can post reviewsjust like this and people will come to your profile start following you to follow your reviews. At this time once you’ve created your account, you’re going to paste your affiliate link tree link just there. By that way when your audience come to your account to view your profile, Your audience will see your affiliate link when they click on this affiliate link. They’ll be brought via your affiliate link then you will get a handsome affiliate commission.You will like how to make money from social media […]


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