How to make money on etsy in 2022


Hello dear all my friends welcome to wpfreebird and today we are going to tell you
how to make money on Etsy. Dear friends, we will discuss ten popular digital downloads, you can sell on Etsy. So what do I mean by digital downloads? Basically, on Etsy, you can list digital files that people can purchase that. They might need or they might need a Photoshop template. That they can edit and use online or anything like that. That’s digital that people can buy without you. Having to create an inventory or anything like that. So, now let’s know how to make money on Etsy. Let’s talk about these 15 ideas I find. These are popular on Etsy and they might be good ideas. That you can sell on your own shop.

If you want to learn how to make money on etsy Weekly planners is my first idea

So the first one you might not think about is weekly planners’.Now when I say weekly planners that can mean a variety of things right that can mean planning your diet or planning your budget or planning different tasks. Everyone has needed to do it for the day for the total week. So, these planners can be created on Excel spreadsheets or Google sheets or you can custom design it on Photoshop and things like that. So this is something, you can put as a PDF or as a Word doc and you can put it into your listing and people buy it and they can print it out and you know put it on their wall or put it in their notebook or something like that where every week. They can use it because it’s maybe aesthetically pleasing or it’s organized in a concise way what you need to do is. You should go into different listings and see these weekly planners and see what they’re offering and how you can make it better.

Planners for business entrepreneurs

Number two you can actually make planners for business entrepreneurs right. You can do a whole set of maybe like a ten pack or the everyday creative entrepreneur. For example, you can include a social media calendar that they need to print out and use so that they can plan out their whole month of Instagram, the content of Facebook, the content of order and content everything written out scheduled out for them so that could be a printable one or that could be on word that they would type in within that pack that might include a contact spreadsheet. It could include annual business budgets, it could include expenses spreadsheet and income spreadsheet. It can have a whole pack of things. So this whole pack can be available for people or you can sell it individually right. There are even more ideas that you can think of so. If you don’t need to be limited by design skills, you can be creating stuff through Excel spreadsheets through Google sheets and things that you might be experts in that you can provide to other people that helped them with their daily lives.

Wedding cards

Number three I think wedding cards are very popular on see so everything around weddings is quite popular. So it might be a save the date card or it might be an invitation card right. You can make it an editable template on Photoshop where people can put in their names put in their pictures and everything and then print them out themselves. So it would be more of a Photoshop template versus a printable.

Wedding games

Number four you could do like wedding games. It’s an interesting one to think about it. It can be bachelorette party games, it could be like a scavenger hunt piece of paper that you’ve created out the whole game for somebody to play with at their own bachelorette program. You could do a bachelorette drink. So maybe you’re at a bar or club with the bridesmaids and they have to basically drink whether there are things going on like. If you see a dude like a drink, you can get hit on or whatever right. So just think of these creative ideas that you can make into a game for a bachelorette party.


If you want to know how to make money on etsy my idea number five as popular is photography tiny sessions and photography tiny sessions are basically for photographers to advertise their mini sessions. So they can put up these ads like fall tiny sessions or wedding tiny sessions and it’s basically like the photographer is shooting for these events. So they’re shooting for wedding stuff. So if you want to book a wedding thing, you can see their ad and then call them or email them. So these are popular as Photoshop templates.

Resume templates

If you want to know how to make money on etsy my idea number six is resume templates. The resume template is very popular on Etsy and other marketplaces. It is a very demandable digital product. Nowadays every professional person has badly needed a resume. So if you can use Google Docs or Microsoft Word, you can create easy to use resume templates that people can use for interviewing right which leads us.

Cover letter templates

If you want to know how to make money on etsy my idea number seven, you can make cover letter templates and cover letters are very important for when you’re interviewing .You know that it is also demandable digital products in all time and all sector. You want to send a cover letter to people as well as your resume. If you do not make it , you will take monthly package from digtal product seller like fiverr, upwork, graphicsriver etc.

Photo by Maddy Freddie from Pexels

Card template

If you want to know how to make money on etsy my idea number eight you can do a consider a card template similar to the baby car the wedding card. If you just think of these events that you can make cards around and then have them buy it and edit it to what they need on Photoshop or any easy program for them to use nice. You can sell typography art. It’s very popular not just on Etsy but like everywhere these days or people handwrite different sayings or quotes and then people can print those and use that as art as well. Another thing I find is popular is like recipe book templates. So you can create a template that people can write their recipes in and those people can edit it print it out the same thing right. They can use Microsoft Word to create these templates. So not everything requires design knowledge. You can do this in Word or sheet another thing that’s popular is like WordPress themes and Shopify themes. So if you know how to like code and do design, you can sell these themes. Where people can apply to the WordPress website or the Shopify website and make it really beautiful.If you know how to do these digital products.It is very easy to learn it from an online trainer. That’s like very awesome and that can sell for a lot more. Another one is comics if you like to draw. If you’re an illustrator, it would be really cool. If you can put out comics each listing is an episode and you sell these printables that people can print as books and read them and laugh and be entertained. So that’s it for digital download ideas. Thanks for rading my article and you also like how to sell ebooks on amazon in 2022


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