How to sell ebooks on amazon in 2022

how to sell ebooks on amazon
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Hi, dear friends welcome to wpfreebird. In today’s  I’m going to discuss with you how to sell ebooks on amazon and how you can make thousands of dollars per month selling digital products that you don’t need to make yourself. Let’s get discussing now how to sell ebooks on amazon and the online money-making method that I’m going to show you. Today is how to sell ebooks on amazon and then promote them for free through your social media. But don’t worry if you’re not a writer. Because I’m going to show you exactly where to get e-books that are pre-written for you. That you can sell just like, they’re your own. Now let’s move over to my computer and I’m going to walk you through it step by step.

how to sell ebooks on amazon
Photo by Julia M Cameron from Pexels

So now I told you we were going to be selling e-books that you don’t even have to write yourself. So the way, we’re going to do that is by using PLR products. Now what  PLR means are private label rights products that mean that you get the resale rights to previously written e-books articles software training and any other kind of digital product that you can think of within a variety of niches. Why that works for us is because we can purchase a product on a website. Just like the one I’m showing you right now download it and then sell it as if we wrote it ourselves. So that’s the method that we’re going to be using it today. So I’m going to go through the steps on how you can find a product download it and add it to your website. And how you can easily sell it using social media or as your traffic source.

If you want to know how to sell ebooks on amazon, you will follow my instructions carefully

Now the first step is to find a reputable PLR product website now the one. I recommended you to choose is a very high-quality PLR website that I use myself and they have thousands of products that you can download and start selling. Today they have many different topics and niches that you can pick from the business. There’s marketing, they have a whole list of personal niches that you can pick from. They have articles software, videos training, courses, e-books which we’re going to use today. So I’m going to show you how you can start it by picking a product. Now the niche that I  picked.

Next, you hire an ebook rewriter from or at a comfortable price. You discuss with your freelancer about your niece. Your freelancer must help to create your amazing digital product. You give him or her some suggestions. And if you do not hire any freelancer, you will follow some instructions.

how to sell ebooks on amazon

You’re going to move on over to the next step, which is making an evil cover, and how do you make a cover it well. For that, I would suggest going on to canva and once you have logged on can buy. You can click on custom size over. Here’s have been converted for pretzels into inches and, depending on the book size, easily honesty, a student ten by ten or actually knock ten by ten. I’ll have to go with nine by twelve and with a click on create new to nine. And then I going to start designing my book cover and now this killer includes a cover. But I would suggest you create your own cover as well. You’re going to go into the elements section and then you started designing according to peel are of course leads me to. The next step is to major advertising banners. Now, alongside your design on a book cover, design on can vote. You’re, all set of making fat, and therefore your advertisement self heals back onto the only major bucks. You can easily find post your template as well that you can use to start designing your little poster. It is not hard work when you learn how to sell ebooks on amazon.

So if you click over a year, you can see a basic template for posters on canned. So like this, you think these are the very basic little template. It’s every day just wanted to learn, and it’s a nice little poster and you’re going to make your own poster for your eat now. The next thing you need to do is make your advertising banners well and then, after that, you may opt to upload the modified evil so on. Your Amazon seller account for him and go in you’re going to log into your account and then once you have signed up, which forty dollars a month. You’re going to log in and you’re going to upload both and the next step is selling your ebook and making money. So once you have listed your above, you can see on Amazon your sales. Are you going to face a few reviews and start earning your money from your basic feel a book?

Now you have learned how to sell ebooks on amazon So after you have posted on Amazon, you might not be getting enough clicks and toward that, I would suggest on Pinterest, and you start promoting your own book. So I would suggest that and go on to pay Pinterest. You make a few mood boards and you include your own. He broke into your mood boards. You can create a business account for your pictures as well to promote a book, but general accounts justify as well and shut adding. You know pins with your books. You’re, going to promote your own book vigorously within a European Pinterest or Facebook account now. The next thing you need to do is bundle up for sale belts. Amazon was going to give you an option to provide a discount until you’re going to provide a discount when someone buys in bulk quantity. So let’s say people find them, and you can see over here that people provide discounts on bundles. Though April one dull has been discounted to half the price of the original collection of books and news. How you’re going to be able to sell more books for less of the hassle of lifting and all that and you’re, going to get reprint customers who are close to purchasing. You also like how to increase sales in Amazone.


  1. […] If you want to know how to make money on etsy my idea number eight you can do a consider a card template similar to the baby car the wedding card. If you just think of these events that you can make cards around and then have them buy it and edit it to what they need on Photoshop or any easy program for them to use nice. You can sell typography art. It’s very popular not just on Etsy but like everywhere these days or people handwrite different sayings or quotes and then people can print those and use that as art as well. Another thing I find is popular is like recipe book templates. So you can create a template that people can write their recipes in and those people can edit it print it out the same thing right. They can use Microsoft Word to create these templates. So not everything requires design knowledge. You can do this in Word or sheet another thing that’s popular is like WordPress themes and Shopify themes. So if you know how to like code and do design, you can sell these themes. Where people can apply to the WordPress website or the Shopify website and make it really beautiful.If you know how to do these digital products.It is very easy to learn it from an online trainer. That’s like very awesome and that can sell for a lot more. Another one is comics if you like to draw. If you’re an illustrator, it would be really cool. If you can put out comics each listing is an episode and you sell these printables that people can print as books and read them and laugh and be entertained. So that’s it for digital download ideas. Thanks for rading my article and you also like how to sell ebooks on amazon in 2022 […]


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