How to start affiliate marketing with no money in 2022

How to start affiliate marketing with no money
How to start affiliate marketing with no money

Hello, all my dear friends welcome to the wpfreebird blog site in today’s post. I’m going to discuss How to start affiliate marketing with no money worldwide with affiliate marketing using a great affiliate marketing partner if you stay to the end. I’m going to discuss with you how to do it using my favorite free traffic sources for this program. But before I get started make sure you follow my blog site. Because I write an article just like this discussing you How to start affiliate marketing with no money and you don’t want to miss them. So here’s what we’re going to go over in today’s post.

How to start affiliate marketing with no money
How to start affiliate marketing with no money
  • Step- one is which affiliate platform to use that accepts worldwide applicants.
  • The next step how to sign up.
  • Step-3 where and how to promote your affiliate links and the last step which is my favorite the best free traffic source to maximize your earnings.

If you want to know How to start affiliate marketing and start affiliate marketing, firstly you will need to join the right affiliate partner for your affiliate marketing. You will see a lot of affiliate partner when you search in Google but all partner is not easy and comfortable for you. So I research affiliate partners and find some profitable and easy-to-start affiliate partners. So today I will discuss a good affiliate partner. Today is the reason why I picked jvzoo for this post is that they accept partners worldwide. Another reason why I picked jvzoo as the affiliate partner for this post is that they have a lot lists of products that you can choose and pick from and start promoting very smoothly.

Now you have needed to sign up on Jvzoo perfectly. It is very essential for starting affiliate marketing with Jvzoo in 2022. You’re going to sign up as an affiliate marketer by clicking this button right here start for free next. You need to fill out this form in full and then select your country. When you’ve filled out the form rightly, you just need to go to your email to verify your Jvzoo account. Once you’ve clicked on the email, you’re going to see a page like this asking you to log in. so now. Keep in your login information rightly and then click the orange button now perfectly. Now you’re logged into your new Jvzoo account. You have needed to connect your payment method for receiving your affiliate commission. Jvzoo has a different payment method that you can choose from PayPal, Payoneer and stripe, and a few others. So, first, select the one that works best for you to configure it. By clicking on the total configure now button and then when you’re done click next. Now you’ve connected your payment method, you’re going to be brought to that screen now to pick your first digital or niche affiliate product. You can click on affiliates and then find a product. wait a few seconds for the page to load; you can scroll through to see some of the ticket products that are available.

If you work within a specific niche or product, you can write the keyword in the search box. For example, food and health or digital products if you click on digital products and search, it will bring up a list of digital products that are within the digital products niche next all. You have to do is pick a product. Once you select a product from the list, you need to click on this button. You see here to request approval that will bring you to this page where you have needed to fill out this information type. You write a brief description of how you are going to be promoting the account type. In your brief description of how you’re going to be promoting the product then click this check box right there and then you see a second check box right there. Now you’re done click on request approval.

Next, you’ve clicked that button, you need to wait for your pending affiliate marketing approval. When you approve, approval for your affiliate link will come to you by email; then you’re going to get a notification to your email that you signed up with Jvzoo. When you’re approved to promote the product, the email will look something like this to get your affiliate links. Then you can come back to your Jvzoo affiliate account click on affiliates links and then approved products. When the page loads, you can scroll down easily and see the affiliate products that you’re now approved for to get your affiliate link. Now you’re going to click on this green button that says get links then you’re going to copy this link and I’m going to show you. You paste there. Now you can start making money with your affiliate link at the moment. You already learned how to start affiliate marketing

It is final step how to start affiliate marketing

the next step is to start sending free traffic to your affiliate link next. Now you’re going to come over to TikTok and create an account. But this account must be a niche realated account. A niche account is a TikTok account where you need not show your face but you post valuable information for your audience. Now I am giving an example that matches the product that we’re using for this example. This is a digital product TikTok account the great thing about accounts like this is that. You don’t even have to show your face to get fans & and follower, you can post reviewsjust like this and people will come to your profile start following you to follow your reviews. At this time once you’ve created your account, you’re going to paste your affiliate link tree link just there. By that way when your audience come to your account to view your profile, Your audience will see your affiliate link when they click on this affiliate link. They’ll be brought via your affiliate link then you will get a handsome affiliate commission.You will like how to make money from social media


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