The 11 best micro jobs site for making money in 2022


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There are a longer number of people for longer-term and higher-paying gigs as freelancing. If you don’t want to start an online business, there is still room in the gigs economy. The multiple platforms offer to complete small tasks on their own schedule and it depends on the ability because these are known as micro job sites. This article highlights a few times for popular micro jobs sites. You can expert to discuss the type of compensation on time.

Micro jobs are short-term gigs to engage a specific task. These types of tasks are a part of longer project crowdsourcing workers. It was split up and distributed over the internet. You don’t have time, you are handling these tasks for businesses. You complete help train AI these tasks because many companies in the field of artificial intelligence run micro job sites.

Generally, micro jobs take from a few seconds to 20 minutes. You needn’t have any experience, skill, or training to work a micro job. There are some common micro-jobs that include answering simple questions, categorizing information, checking address data, data entry, tagging people and objects in images, transcribing audio, writing short content, and website testing.

You have racked up experience and qualified yourself because the site is a tiered ranking system. You continue doing micro jobs, some sites will increase your pay. The work can be done in short bursts while it is easy. The plain fact of the matter is the microwork isn’t much good when you have time to put a few bucks of spending money on your own.

Without much stress or commitment, you are looking for ways to make money different spare changes in your free time. Leaving with plenty of options, the online micro job space has exploded in the last couple of years. If you are considering diving into this world, there are some of the best micro job sites.

The rankings are based on combination few topics such as pay rate, availability on the platform, ease of signing up, user interface, and reputation among users

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Micro jobs site number one is Clickworker

Clickworker freelancers complete tasks to help with artificial intelligence for training. It recognizes objects in images because it interacts with humans. You can create some sections on Clickworker such as text, categorize data, proofread, perform basic research, snap photos,  record audio, record videos, etc. You can take surveys in those sections and it can also test apps and mystery shops. You can pay your payment on PayPal weekly or monthly.

Micro jobs site number two is Neevo

Neevo sources to work and helps to train artificial intelligence for micro workers. It performs various manual tasks. The workers can do a few things using Neevo such as tagging images with the correct labels, annotating text, reading the text, and converting it into audio by recording. Gaining access to more jobs, freelancers can take tests it.

Micro jobs site number three is Appen

Appen worker complete tasks to help on artificial intelligence. It performs various functions for use in some industries. Appen includes moderating content on available micro-jobs. It is engaged with categorizing social media posts, transcribing audio, and drawing boxes on images It is  a data collection project and long term

Micro jobs site number four is Mechanical Turk

Mechanical Turk is operated and owned by Amazon. It helps businesses outsource many small tasks for microwork. Mechanical Turk workers can assist with processing images and videos. It also can assist with processing and cleaning up data. It is gathering information for companies by taking paid online surveys.

Micro jobs site number five is Hivo Micro

The workers will categorize objects, track objects around videos frames and transcribe audio with Hivo Micro. The workers must complete a test before every task because harder tasks pay more. Weekly, you can pay your payment via Paypal, although Hivo Micro.

Micro jobs site number five is UserTesting.Com

Usability and intuitiveness, UserTesting pays to test their client’s websites. The tests take 20 minutes on average and testers can earn $10 per test. It is making the best paying chance on the list. The testers can have conversations with the business on the live broadcast. They are helping at $1 per minute.  There has a limited number of testing chances available, you have to qualify for every chance based on a different factors.

Micro jobs site number six is TriMyUI

TriMyUI is a well-known website. If you work on it, you can sign up to test website intuitiveness and It gets paid for it. While performing the test, you record voice and screen and answer some written questions. On every Friday, payment is sent out via PayPal.

Micro jobs site number seven is Spare5

The workers get paid to annotate images and assess language tone on Spare5. It isolates elements on a photo by drawing borders around it and provides keywords for a photo. The Spare5 users train artificial language. Both a website and mobile app the company offers for microwork to go ahead.

Micro jobs site number eight is Scribie

Scribe is a micro worksite that is mainly focused on audio transcription services. The workers can earn from  $5 to $25 per hour audio transcribing using Scribie. The audio files are 10 minutes or shorter than all the platforms and it generates an automated transcript to make easy the work. You can earn a transfer to PayPal you’re earning at any time if there are no commitments regarding time.

Micro jobs site number nine is Picoworkers

Picoworkers is a  site that contracts business owners with micro workers which helps with small jobs for micro workers. As a worker, you complete some tasks on the platform engaged with writing reviews for a business, taking surveys, writing short articles, and testing apps. You deliver your work to the client, you get paid in your choice of cash.

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Micro jobs site number ten is RemoTasks

RemoTasks is a site that offers numerous types of microtasks. It also offers from image annotation to data collection to transcription. For gaining enough experience on Remo Tasks. Because the platform can become trusted reviewers and increase incomes. By expanding your work and opportunities, you can take exams on the platform.

Micro jobs site number ten is Toloka

Toloka is a micro job website to offer work related to data generally. It has a few tasks engaged with annotating photos, confirming certain, labeling data, categorizing information, and moderating content. Depending on the withdrawal method, you can withdraw your earnings once a week.

Micro jobs site number Eleven is OneSpace

OneSpace is a website that is tailored towards freelance professional services. But there are few opportunities for the microwork on the platform. Where you can claim tasks without prior approval, you must apply to the Onespace job opening to be considered for jobs as opposed to another platform. If you get relevant opportunities to come up, you can also submit an application ahead of detailing your skills.

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