Waalaxy Appsumo Lifetime Deal – Best Lead Generation Tool in 2022


Hey, all our loving friends welcome to wpfreebird in the new post today we share a Waalaxy Appsumo Lifetime Deal. It is also the best lead generation tool in 2022 so let’s go discover Waalaxy Appsumo Lifetime Deal

What is waalaxy?

Waalaxy is the best lead generation tool for any small or medium business. You must know today’s business is dependent on the right customer or right consumer. So you have needed the right customer’s contact information like email, phone number, contact number, etc. Waalaxy is your best solution for this reason.

You can find email and contact information via waalaxy from LinkedIn or other. If you have any small or medium business, digital marketing agency, or lead generation business agency, You will find a lead generation automated tool so, I think this lead generation tool gives your total solution and reduce hard work.

You can find targeted emails and send them automatically with this tool. I think you will choose it without doubt, if you look full features of this tool. Marketing experts choose it as lemist alternative. So you can choose it for your business.

Check waalaxy appsumo lifetime deal

The main feature of waalaxy.

Access duration: Waalaxy gives you a lifetime duration for any business. I think it is your best solution for lead generation
Email collector: You get an email finding feature on waalaxy . So you get the right consumer email and send their email automated with waalaxy smoothly.

I think this tool decreases your extra work, time, and many more. You will also find the email with drop contact.
Valid Email: you can get a valid email from this lead generation tool l. For this reason, you will choose it very much and get lifetime customer contact information
Future deal: You will get up-to-date multi-feature that help you in many ways. So you also like this tool for your future business plan and get the future update.

Money-Back grantee: In this product, you must get 60 days’ money back grantee. So you can enjoy waalaxy undoubtedly.
invitations: you can send email 700 invitations weekly per seat for a few minutes for your targeted people easily.
Follow up with your customer: with waalaxy you can follow up with your consumer or clients smoothly for updated products or services. So your clients or consumer will get the right information from you or your business agency and they will convert leads.
CRM synchronization: You will get CRM synchronization through Zapier and Integromat. I think this feature is very different than any other lead generation tool.

Automatic Importer: Waalaxy is an automated lead generation tool so you can imports Linkedin profiles fully automated. In this lead generation tool you get over 7 hundred million profiles for this reason you find your targeted people.
Flexibility: You can use this lead generation tool very smoothly. You don’t need any code or stacking. So you have just taken a plan and use it.
Trier ability: Waalaxy has different tiers and you choose or change anytime from your grade.
Purchase mode: If you use this lead generation tool, you must need a license to activate within sixty days of purchase within 2 months.

Would you talk about the waalaxy pricing?

Your business or agency must need life and the right lead is the life of your business. So you need the best solution for lead generation. I think this tool is your best solution for it. Prices of Waalaxy are not expensive. I think it is your best investment for your longevity. Time is more valuable than any other asset and this tool saves your valuable time money and many others. It has three triers that are given below:

Trier one: You can purchase One Time with only $59.00 (1600$) and you get the full feature with three seats but no hidden charge
Trier Two: You can purchase One Time with only $119.00 (2665) and you get the full feature with six seats but no hidden charge
Trier Three: You can purchase One Time with only $179.00 (8880) and you get the full feature with 15 seats but no hidden charge

Why need Waalaxy?

  • This lead generation tool is a fully automated lead generation tool for any business.
  • It must save your time, money, and hard work.
  • It helps to find out your targeted consumer, customers, or people.
  • You follow up with your customer with good relation
  • You can import Linkedin profile in a simple way
  • You can upgrade or downgrade in a simple way.
  • You can find professional email through it.
  • You can send email fully automated through this lead generation tool.
  • You can boost your sales funnel with this tool.
  • You get many extra features than any other lead generations tool.

Waalaxy safety and security

This lead generation tool is a very strong lead generation tool. It has a lot of reputation for its customer safety and security. Most of the users say they are very aware of safety and security. It is safe for of any their lead generation tool or company. Customer reviews also prove this matter of this lead generation tool. So anyone can use this tool without a doubt.

How do you use it?

First, we’ll be importing a data scientists person who is working in New York at Google
Steps one and two: Firstly you can filter by “people”, as the tool can only import users’ profiles.

Step Three: Then you apply the filters of the search by selecting the locations New York as well as the company Google.


Step Four: Now that the search is ready for you, At this time you have needed to import the leads from LinkedIn to this tool. You click on the Waalaxy extension button following the image. If you have any questions you comments us

Appsumo Lifetime Deal

Who is benefited from it?

Now a days every small business owner, freelancer, or lead generation agency has badly needed many lead generation but this work is not easy. They have a lot of employee or workers for it so lead generation is very expensive. So every lead generations expert, freelancer, small business owner, medium business owner, lead generation agency are benefits from it.

User Review

Waalaxy user review is very hopeful. User experience creates it very trustworthy for its customer. So you can take this tool before ending offer

Freequently Ask Question

Has this tool Campaign Analytics?

Answer: Yes, waalaxy has Campaign Analytics.

Is waalaxy Drip Campaigns possible?

Answer: Yes, Drip Campaigns are possible with this lead generation tool

Has waalaxy Multi-Campaign system?

Answer: Yes, You can run Multi-Campaign through waalaxy

Is possible any campaign manage by waalaxy?

Answer: Yes, Possible Multi-Campaign manage at a time through this lead generation tool.

Has waalaxy email marketing opportunity?

Answer: Yes, it has an email marketing system perfectly.

Compare other lead generation software

Waakaxy user happinessOver 90%Other user happinessBellow 90%
Campaign ManagementYesCampaign ManagementYes
A/B TestingYesA/B TestingNo
Contact SharingYesContact SharingNo

Upcoming add feature :

  • You will be capable of Native CRM integrations with PipeDrive, Salesforce, Zoho, and Hubspot (already available via Zapier/Integromat) with this tool.
  • You will also be Enhanced LinkedIn messaging (allowing you to manage hundreds of conversations, not in hours, but in minutes)
  • You will get Voice messaging through it (improving conversion rates by being friendlier) and a lot of micro features are waiting for you.


Waalaxy is an amazing lead generation tool that enriches with a lot of extra features than any other lead generation software or tool. If you have badly needed lead generation or a professional email marketing tool, this lead generation tool is the perfect solution for you. So you can get it at the offer time and you also like Formaloo Review: Features, Pricing, Alternatives, Pros & Cons in 2022.


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